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We started our operation in 1986 and have received Finance Ministry and Bumiputera contractor registration certifcate. We have supplied to more than 1000 schools as well as both private and public higher institutions. We also have supplied to government offices and sectors, including public libraries all over Malaysia.

We supplied reading materials form over 100 local and international publishers. We are Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka distributor since 1991, and currently the supplier for Text Books Borrowing Scheme for Central Melaka zone to more than 100 schools.

For 2016 books, we currently have more RM 60,000.00 values of books that is ready to be supply anytime. We also do provide other essential product for libraries such as DBP dictionary, grammar books (Tatabahasa), charts, encyclopedia and malay masterpiece.

Thank you for your support and trust in us. Please do visit our website frequently for more information about libraries reading materials.

Thank you for visiting our online store!

We started from a humble beginnings from a small SOHO office in Malaysia several years ago. Since started our business operations, we have worked tirelessly throughout the years and put lots of efforts in promoting our brand and website. Our business have since grown by leaps and bounds! Thanks to internet technology and the e-commerce revolution that has helped us tremendously to where we are today.  

At our online store, we provide quality products at a very affordable price. We never compromise on the product quality and we strive to ensure utmost satisfaction from customers who bought from us.

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